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11 Cool Gifts for Tween Boys

If there’s anyone harder to buy for than the men in your life, it’s probably the tweenage boy in your life!

I know because I’ve been searching for the perfect gift for hubby’s grandson.

Luckily, I’ve found 11 of the Coolest gifts for that hard to buy for 10 to 12 year old.

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Great Gift Ideas for Tween Boys - Flying Dragons Craft KitHow to Make Your Dragon!

Make and fly 12 vibrantly colored paper dragons. Detailed instruction sheets include lots of fascinating dragon info!

Here’s what one reviewer had to say:

★★★★★“My 12 year old loved this- he spent an entire day folding and flying. Great gift!” Book junkie (amazon)

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Great Gift Ideas for Tween Boys - Duct Tape WalletCool Craft Kit!

Everything needed to make his very own fashionable and trendy duct tape wallet.

★★★★★“Such fun! I gave many of these out as gifts to various ages. Every child out their own creative spin on the design. The constructing directions were easy to follow for young children with the help of an adult. The wallet is tres cute!” Amazon Customer

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Great Gift Ideas for Tween Boys - Storm Blaster Nerf GunNerf Wars!

Strongarm blaster holds 6 darts and fires them up to 90 feet. Slam Fire slide lets you rapid-fire all 6 darts.

★★★★★I got this last year for my son’s 12th birthday party. I got one for each of the 10 boys and they ran around the backyard playing for hours. It was so much fun for them. They each got to keep one as their party favor…” The V. Group (amazon)

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Cool Gift for Tween Boys -Snap Circuits LightHe’ll Be Amazed!

Watch what music can do with Snap Circuits Lights. Color organ controlled by iPod or MP3 player, voice or finger. Lights change to the beat! Comes with over 55 pieces to create 175 different electronic projects. The pieces snap together easily on the included plastic grid — no soldering required.

★★★★★“Bought this for a 12-year-old. The instructions are clear and he has a lot of fun with it.” Paris75 (amazon)

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Great Gift Ideas for Tween Boys - Harry Potter Trivial PursuitHow Much Magic Do You Know?

#1 Best Seller on Amazon! Perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan!

★★★★★“Fun trivia game. We are a large family with 6 kids and we love the Harry Potter movies and books. We have watched them a ton of times and we thought we knew the movie and books well but oh my..the questions in the game are crazy! Fun but crazy! You really have to know you stuff. It made it a lot of fun though. We all had a great time playing. I would recommend for any Potter fan.” Denise B. (amazon)

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Cool Gifts for Tween Boys - Twinstar Refractor TelescopeAim for the Stars!

The perfect telescope for the beginning astronomer. Easy to use, just point and look.

★★★★★“This was a gift for an 11 yr. old beginner astronomer. Notice the lenses are very clear with no smudges, unlike some other bargain telescopes. Easy to assemble. Includes full size tripod, two refractory lenses and two Barlow lenses, making this quite a complete and versatile scope.” Carlitos (amazon)

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Cool Gifts for Tween Boys -Walkie TalkiesStill Popular Today!

This classic battery operated two-way radio has a super long range. He and a friend will have hours and hours of fun playing in and around your neighborhood!

★★★★★“My son loves playing with this thing even when we are not on road trips. Super long range. He can be in the back yard or playing in my neighbor’s house. This thing just works without much interference. The voice is still clear.” Adam P. (amazon)

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Cool Gifts for Tween Boys -Minecraft Stop Motion Animation StudioAnimation Creation!

Make one-of-a-kind Minecraft films using a mobile app! Includes 1 movie stage, 6 different backgrounds, 3 mini-figures, a device holder and over 18 other accessories.
Aim and shoot then swap out environments to tell a different story.

★★★★★“A must have for any creative kid or Minecraft lover.” Clovemb (amazon)

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Great Gift Ideas for Tween Boys - Flashing Finger Lighting GlovesFun, Fun, Fun!

Light flashing LED Gloves. Soft black and white fabric with white light up fingers.
6 light modes changed by pressing the button on the wrist.

★★★★★“I bought this for an 11 year-old for his birthday. I thought they were really cute — he was in love with them and wouldn’t take them off! One of my friends is buying a pair for her grown son (who’s in his 40s!).. These are just hilarious — Little guy wore them out to breakfast and got everyone’s attention. You won’t be disappointed.” S. Casey (amazon)

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Great gifts ideas for Tween Boys - Fujifilm Instax CameraPhoto Magic!

#1 Amazon Best Seller!
Remember how much fun instant cameras were when we were a kids? They’re still just as much fun today!

★★★★★“Bought this camera for my grandkids and it provides hours of fun they take selfies and pics of their friends and hang them in their room with close pins. Great fun for the price.” Barbara

Snap It Up!

Don’t forget the film!

An instant camera without film would make for a very sad Christmas morning!

Make sure they have lots!

**Designed for use with Instax Mini line of cameras

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And last but definitely now least… he may be small but he’s a whole lot of cute!

Perfect Gift for Tween Boys - CozmoWho Wouldn’t Want a Robot!

Cozmo is a real-life mini robot with a one-of-a-kind personality because the more he’s played with, the more he evolves. He expresses real emotions in response to your actions.
**Requires a compatible mobile phone/tablet to access high level robotics functions from a free app.

★★★★★“Set up was easy, but keep in mind, you must download and install the app on your phone first. He connects via Wi-Fi, so emails and status updates on your phone will have to wait until playtime is over.” DalGoda (amazon)

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