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Monthly Archives: January 2013

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Reversible Child’s Apron with Adjustable Ties Tutorial

Last summer I made some reversible children’s aprons with adjustable ties for our oldest daughter’s classroom.    I’ve redone the photos and accompanying instructions for this tutorial several times but was never completely satisfied with it.  Hopefully this last time I’ve covered each and every step you’ll need to complete an apron for a little one in your life. *Note:  This…

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Gift Ideas

New Variation of Prosperity Angel

I was shopping recently in the neatest independent craft and fabric shop (more in a future blog post) and mixed in the bin with the other balls of crochet thread was a ball of Aunt Lydia’s Metallic Crochet Thread in Natural/Gold.   The ripened wheat colour of the main thread with the gold metallic thread wrapped around it fit perfectly with…

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Lower GL Version of Publix Tomato and Onion Shicaccia

When we lived in Georgia, one of our favourite treats were the Tomato and Onion Shicaccia from the Publix Bakery. At that time, the closest Publix was in Cartersville which is over 25 miles from Rome.    The only time we had them was when we’d make a trip down to go to Hobby Lobby every few months or so. Then…

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