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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Embroidery, Gift Ideas

3 More Embroidery Finishes

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve managed to finish three more of the embroideries that I prepared before we left Florida. The “Home is Where I Want to Bee” pattern was part of an Aunt Martha’s transfer set I bought a few years ago from Hancock Fabrics when we were living in Rome, GA.   This is the first time…

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Embroidery, Gift Ideas, Quilting

Throw Quilt Entry for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival

Each spring and fall, Amy from Amy’s Creative Side hosts her bi-annual Blogger’s Quilt Festival to coincide with the spring and fall Quilt Markets.   This first week, May 17th to 24th, bloggers can link up and share their favourite quilts in a variety of categories.  Then from May 24th to 30th the voting for a favourite in each category takes…

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Cooking for Two – Baked Aloha Chicken

I mentioned back in this post that since moving back to the mainland from Hawaii, we always find it funny that so many recipes are labelled “Hawaiian Something” simply because they have pineapple in them, regardless of whether you’d ever find that recipe eaten in Hawaii.   And so when I created that recipe, I just couldn’t resist calling it Hawaiian…

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Budget Savers, Sewing, Thrifting

How to Hem Pants

Since starting my low GL (glycemic load) eating plan in July of last year, I have lost two full clothing sizes. I don’t own a scale so don’t know how much I’ve lost in pounds. I am gauging my weight loss by how my clothes fit. Weight lose has slowed but I’m still losing so I’m okay with that.  Better…

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