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4th of July Picnic Quilt Finished

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on 29th March 2013

Last Sunday, I posted that I was closing in on finishing the 4th of July picnic quilt that I started last summer.   A large part of Sunday afternoon was spent sitting out in the screened in porch enjoying the beautiful weather and hand stitching the binding to the back of the quilt.   Once I lost the light, I moved inside to continue stitching while watching a couple of Agatha Christie Mystery DVDs.

Monday I embroidered a label for it and then as you know I got distracted making a couple of adorable little turtles.

The quilt was put through the wash twice on Wednesday.  And may I just say, thank goodness for Color Catchers; otherwise instead of a red, white and blue quilt, I may have ended up with a red, pink and blue quilt.

Colour Catchers from 4th of July Quilt

It should be noted that while the fabric for the front was not pre-washed, the backing fabric had been washed twice before using it.

Those six on the left are from the first wash that we went to the Laundromat to do as I thought a larger front loading washer might be better for its first wash.  But we must have gotten a washer where the previous user had overfilled the detergent section because even after two rinse cycles the water was still sudsy.

I decided to bring the quilt back to the apartment and put it through a full wash cycle but with no soap… essentially giving it two more rinse cycles.  When I did that I also changed out the Color Catchers (the middle four.)

Since that second batch of Color Catchers still came out quite pink, I decided a second wash with detergent and four more Color Catchers were called for.

As you can see, the last four on the right are still a bit pink.   But I decided two washes would do for now and into the dryer it went.

Yesterday morning I sewed on the label and Dave and I headed off to the beach for a photo shoot.

4th of July Picnic Quilt Front

4th of July Picnic Quilt Backing and Label

Quilt Stats:

Started July 2012, Finished March 2013

Size: 57.5″ X 68.5″

The pattern was a free pattern called the Potato Chip Quilt (because you can’t make just one) from Mammaw’s Thimble in Knoxville, TN.

The quilting is just simple straight line quilting to frame the blocks.

On other blogs, I often see finished quilts draped artfully over things, so we took a couple of those photos too.

4th of July Picnic Quilt Draped Over Railing

4th of July Picnic Quilt Draped Over Railing


4th of July Picnic Quilt on a piece of driftwood

That piece of driftwood looked like the perfect headrest with the quilt to cushion your neck.

With the 4th of July picnic quilt finished and the hexie flowers used to make Lexie the Hexie Turtle and her BFF, I only have one more sewing project that was started in 2012 to complete… these embellished bird panels.  I’m hoping to work on turning those into something this weekend with breaks for making more hexies to make more hexie flowers to make more turtles!

Wishing everyone a heart-centered weekend with much Aloha!!


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WIP Wednesday – 4th of July Picnic Quilt Top Finished

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on 18th July 2012

As I mentioned on Monday, all I needed to do was add the borders and my 4th of July picnic quilt top would be complete. I got the narrow border in Kona Snow added yesterday and I finished adding the second border in the feature fabric this morning.

I really, really like how it turned out.   And I’m so glad I decided to add that narrow border of white.   It really frames those “Potato Chip” blocks perfectly. The finished size is 62 X 74… a good size for a picnic quilt.

Now I need to find the right fabric for the backing and I’ll be ready to sandwich and quilt it. I have the binding strips cut out in the feature fabric, but I’m rethinking that choice. I’d love to find just the right red, white and blue striped fabric to bind it with.

In the meantime, I’ll be finishing up one of these Star Fruit Cushions.  This was a fun one to sew.  I had it almost finished but ran out of stuffing.  This afternoon, I picked up some more so I should be able to finish stuffing it this evening and get the buttons added.

From last week’s WIP list,  I managed to complete the embroidery on my “Act of Faith” project and need to wash and press it before turning it into a pillow cover.

I’m also one step closer to finishing the embroidery for the stitch-a-long that I’m planning. I’m working on the second last panel and hope to have that completed this week.

A couple more of the sewing kits are in the planning stages. The fabrics are chosen and the zippers bought.  I just need to get them cut out and ready to sew.

Lots enough to keep me busy while sitting inside in air conditioned comfort on these hot, humid days of mid July.



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Progress on My Independence Day Picnic Quilt

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on 13th July 2012

Yesterday afternoon, I spent the afternoon sewing the blocks for my Independence Day picnic quilt. This is proving to be a fun, easy quilt to make.

I started sewing blocks around noon and finished pressing the last block about 5:30. With a break for a late lunch and to go grocery shopping, I’d say it took about 4 hours to make 20 blocks.

Next I need to square up the blocks so that I can start sewing them into rows. I really like the look of these blocks and am excited to see how the finished top turns out.


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Quilt Shop Travel Break

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on 23rd June 2012

When traveling I like to break up a long road trip by stopping in at quilt shops along the way, so on the first leg of our trip back up to Canada, we stopped into Mammaw’s Thimble in Knoxville, TN.

I’d stopped in there once before on one of our trips and was impressed with the wide selection of quilt fabrics they have from batiks to traditional to novelty prints to the latest pre-cuts. They also have several different quilt kits in addition to a wide variety of quilting notions and patterns.

But now their selection has grown even larger as they’ve expanded into the space next door. Good thing Dave is a patient man because he spent quite a bit of time sitting in the car listening to an audio book.

One of the quilts on display really caught my eye. It was simply beautiful and what struck me immediately was that the effect had been achieved with the use of just two fabrics. The lady who was working that afternoon saw me admiring the quilt and she mentioned she had made it and there was a free pattern available if I would like it.  To which I reply, “I’d love one.”

I then spent more time browsing and pondering and picturing in my mind’s eye different combinations of feature fabrics and co-ordinating fabrics.

I finally settled on these two.


The blue fireworks print on the left will be the feature fabric with the red with white stars on the right the coordinating fabric.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to make a 4th of July picnic quilt and I think this combination will look great together in a finished quilt. The US became home for us with Maui truly being home of our hearts and before this trip back to Georgia, I’d been feeling really homesick so maybe making this quilt at this time will help that.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, the pattern is called The Potato Chip quilt; so named because you can’t make just one. Most appropriately too because I’m already thinking of other fabric pairings that would look great. There wasn’t a photo of the quilt with the pattern, but I found this example on etsy to give you an idea of what the finished quilt might look like.

For example, remember the jelly roll of Twirl by Me and My Sister Designs that I used for the Jelly Roll 1600 quilt? I can see a Potato Chip quilt made using the Twirl Going Places Green Twirling Flowers as the feature fabric with Twirly Dots from the same line as the co-ordinating fabric.

I can also see this done in solids; perhaps red and white.

Or…  you know those fabrics that you buy because you fall in love with the large print but then have trouble finding a project to use it in because you don’t want to lose the effect of the print by cutting it into small pieces. This could be the perfect quilt to feature that fabric.

Oh so many possibilities!

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