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Vintage Embroidery Monday – His and Hers

If you’ve got a late fall or winter wedding to attend or perhaps for Christmas for a newly wed couple in need of a gift recognizing their new status the next two weeks of Vintage Workbasket patterns might be just the thing to embroider on a set of towels.

Vintage Workbasket Her and His pattern

A few years ago, our middle daughter had His and His embroidered on a set of bath towels for friends who were getting married.

Another option could be to embroidery His on the band of one pillowcase and Hers on the another (or His and His/Hers and Hers.)

If you make the pillowcases yourself, you could choose the same fabric for the band of the pillowcase but choose different fabrics for the main part of the case in fabrics to match their individual interests.  There are so many novelty fabrics out there it might even be fun to do this for several couples in your family as unique and personalized Christmas gifts.

Next week, I’ll post the pattern for “Ours.”

The above pattern is available to download as a pdf here.


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