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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Budget Savers

Super Mom Tip of the Day – How to Make a Garbage Can Compost Bin

I love going to garden shows! They are a wonderful place to gather ideas for future yard and garden projects. At one show they were featuring a revolving drum composter. The price? $200 for two plastic bins screwed together and mounted on a metal base to spin it. I was sure with a little ingenuity we could come up with our own…

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Gift Ideas

Make it Monday – How to Sew the Cover for the Rice Hot/Cold Therapy Bag

To make the cover for the rice therapy bag that I posted the instructions for on the last Make It Monday: For the rice bag cover:  Cut one piece of polar fleece 7″X25″ and one piece 7″X27″ (the extra two inches form the button flap extension) Now because this was a Valentine’s gift for our oldest daughter… I wanted to…

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