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Embroidery, Stitchery Link Party

Vintage Embroidery Monday & Stitchery Link Party #9

This week’s vintage embroidery pattern for rosemary and thyme is the last of the series of herbs I’ve been sharing and they are so appropriate for my week just past. Last Monday, during a trip to the library, I picked up the first season of a cozy mystery TV series on DVD called Rosemary & Thyme.   I’ve really been enjoying…

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Vintage Embroidery Monday – DOW Sunday Hurricane Candle Holder

To start the year off on Vintage Embroidery Monday, for the next seven weeks I’ll be sharing a Days of the Week set of embroidery patterns for what the Workbasket pattern calls a Colonial Kitchen Set. But you’ll see that the patterns are all for common household items that would have been found around almost every house before the advent…

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