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Christmas on a Budget

DIY Christmas Gnome Wreath

Have you seen the gnomes of all sorts cropping up everywhere? They’re all the rage in Christmas decor, inside and out. And is it any wonder… they’re just so much fun that you just can’t help but smile! You can find stuffed gnomes, gnomes appliqued onto pillows, big gnomes, little gnomes and everything in between gnomes. There are even tomato…

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Christmas on a Budget, Gift Ideas

How to DIY Your Christmas – 50+ Awesome Ideas

Hello and Welcome! I’m so glad you dropped by. My goal in everything I post is to help you create a home by hand. And that includes helping you have the handmade, homemade Christmas you’ve always dreamed of. In fact, just this past August, we launched a brand new membership called Handmade Homemade Holidays: Your Guide to a Debt Free,…

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