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Hospitality Angels Crochet Pattern PDF

Hospitality Angels Crochet Pattern PDF

Over the course of the last few centuries the pineapple has come to symbolize friendship and hospitality.

There are many stories of how this came about but one of my favorite explanations is that it is said that seafaring men, upon their return, would place a pineapple outside their home to indicate they were back from their travels and were now “at home” to visitors. For each Hospitality Angel, one pineapple crochet motif has been worked into the skirt of the Angel and one pineapple motif into each of the Angel’s wings.

Hang this Hospitality Angel near your front or back door as a symbol of warm welcome and friendship to all who enter your home.

Download Includes:

  • Complete list of materials and pattern for Hospitality Angel
  • A short explanation of the symbolism worked into the Angel that you can print and enclose when giving the Angel as a gift or to print on the tag when selling them
  • Licensing notice for those who wish to make sell Hospitality Angels on a small scale
  • As well, included in the pattern is a pinning template to cut out and use as a guide under plastic wrap when blocking, pinning and starching the angel

Please note: This pattern is a digital download. No refunds will be issued however if you encounter a problem downloading the pattern, please don’t hesitate to contact me.