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Handmade Gifts for Our Middle Daughter

I only sewed one of our middle daughter’s gifts this year. The other one I crocheted.

When our children were still very little, I began the tradition of making them each an ornament for Christmas. That way when they all eventually left home they would have Christmas ornaments for their own trees that had memories attached to them.

Several years ago, I made each of our children a crocheted bead Christmas tree garland as that year’s Christmas ornament. Well, early in 2013, our middle daughter asked me to make her another garland to match that one because that first one wasn’t long enough to wrap around the tree from the top all the way to the bottom. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to take a photo before I wrapped and sent it off to her, but I do have a photo of one that I made for our own tree a few years ago.

White Crocheted Beaded Garland

The one I made for our middle daughter is crocheted around a red beaded garland with red crochet cotton. I was also lucky enough to find an extra long bead garland (<-affiliate link) to crochet around so this one, in addition to the first one should be more than enough to deck her future trees from top to bottom.

I always forget how long these garlands take to crochet. I used to be able to crochet for several hours every day but if I do that now, I really pay the price for it the next day. Hers took me well over a week of crocheting a few hours every day to finish but it did turn out pretty!

The pattern for the garland can be found in White Christmas in Thread Crochet by Kathryn A. Clark put out by Leisure Arts. The pattern book is available here.

Her second handmade gift was this infinity scarf.

Photo handmade Infinity Scarf

The floral fabric is called Banded Poppy by Phillip Jacobs for Rowan. I saw the fabric and knew immediately that it was perfect for her. I paired the floral with a super soft minky type fabric (<-affiliate link).

I used this Quick and Easy Infinity Scarf Sewing Tutorial from Sew News:The Sewing Blog.   I’ve read several other tutorials for making infinity scarves but this is the truly the best and easiest.

If I could give one tip for anyone who wants to make something with minky… pins… lots of pins help to keep the fabric from stretching while you’re sewing.

Oh and one more tip… keep a vacuum cleaner handy.  There were little bits of blue fluff everywhere until I got it sewn and turned right side out… but it was worth it in the end as it is just so wonderfully soft to the touch.  And she loved it and that’s what really counts!

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  • marilyn
    January 17, 2014 8:34 am

    Lovely gifts for your daughter. The infinity scarf looks so soft. The garland is interesting.

  • Celtic Thistle Stitches
    January 18, 2014 4:43 am

    I have just made my first Infinity scarf but the finishing instructions were really confusing so I am going to check out that tutorial as I definitely want to make more. Love the minky lining.

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