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Quilt-As-You-Go Christmas Stocking Tutorial – Part One

Quilt-As-You-Go Christmas Stocking Tutorial – Part One

Hello and Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. Tutorials are my most favorite posts to write and this is one of my most popular.

I hope you’ll enjoy making one or more Quilt As You Go Stockings! They really are super easy to make and a great way to use up scraps and strips of fabric.

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Quilt-As-You-Go Stocking Tutorial

Using your favourite stocking pattern, cut 2 stockings from a light weight, light coloured cotton fabric.

I used a print with a white background that was leftover from another project but if you are going to be using any light coloured fabric strips for the quilting, I would recommend a solid fabric for this.  Otherwise the print may show through.

Pin the stocking pieces to the batting (<-affiliate link) and cut out; adding at least ½ inch all the way around.   Baste fabric to batting.  This forms the base on which you will quilt-as-you-go.

Baste stocking base onto batting

Make sure there are two mirror image stocking bases.  You wouldn’t want to do all the quilting only to discover that you have quilted one of the bases on the wrong side.

Also at this time, cut 2 stockings pieces from whatever fabric you wish to use for the lining.

For hanging loop, cut 1 piece 1.5 inches X 6 inches.  Cut 1 piece of light weight interfacing 1.5 X 6 inches.

Next go through your stash of Christmas fabric leftover from other projects and cut strips of varying widths and lengths.  The strips will need to be at least long enough to cover the fabric part of the stocking base.  For my stocking I needed strips that were 9 inches or longer.

Several strips of Christmas fabrics

Lay the first strip down right side facing up, matching one long edge with the top of the fabric part of the stocking base.   Baste across the top of stocking to hold that strip in place.

Lay first strip down right side up

Lay the second strip down, with right side facing the right side of the first strip.  Sew along bottom of the strips using a ¼ inch seam allowance.

Lay second strip down right sides facing

Flip the second strip down.  Press.

Flip strip open and press

I  recommend that you press each strip well after it’s sewn in place as that will make the strips lay nice a flat; ready for the next strip to be sewn in place.

Lay a third strip right side facing the second strip.  Sew across bottom of strips.  Continue in this manner until you have covered the entire fabric part of the stocking base.

Sew some at an angle for added interest

Sometimes, I angled the top strip a bit before sewing it in place, just to give the finished quilting a more varied look.

As you get closer to the heel and toe, you may also want to lay some of the strips down on a bit more of an angle to make that turn at the heel.

Repeat the above steps for the second stocking base.

Place the paper pattern piece on top of the quilted stocking base; lining it up as best you can with the fabric base.  Pin pattern piece in place and cut out.

Pin pattern piece over quilting, cut out stocking

Repeat with second quilted stocking base.

Two stocking pieces finished

Baste along the toe to hold the fabric in place.

Baste toe to hold fabric in place

Pin quilted stocking bases right sides together and sew using a ½ inch seam allowance.

Sew right sides together

Trim seam allowance to ¼ inch.

Trim seam allowance

Notch outside curves and clip inside curves, as pictured.

Notch outer curves

Pin lining pieces together and sew using a ½ inch seam allowance, leaving a 4 inch opening along the back for turning.  Trim seam to ¼ inch.  Notch outside curves and clip inside curves, again as pictured.

Sewing lining pieces together, notch curves

Continue to Part Two of the Quilt-As-You-Go Christmas Stocking Tutorial.


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