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Part 2 of Recovering Lawn Chair Cushions – The Faux Piping

Recovering Lawn Chair Cushions – Part 1

To create the faux piping effect on the cushions, I took advantage of the white stripes on the blue and white striped fabric.

I placed the ruler lengthwise along the stripes, so that I would be leaving ½” of white along each side of the blue stripes.   Then I cut along the entire length of the fabric with my rotary cutter, moving the ruler as needed. (<-affiliate links)

Cut half an inch from left side of stripe


Strip for side of cushions

When I was unpicking the back and seat cushions to get the fabric pieces to use as patterns, I noted that the side piece of each cushion had a curve on one side of each end.    That curved section was stitched to the longer front and top sections of each cushion.

I cut a small paper pattern piece of that curved end.

Paper pattern of end of side of cushion

Then once I had cut the blue strip to the correct length, I pinned the pattern in place and cut it out.

Pin to end of striped strip

I then unpinned the pattern piece, flipped it over and pinned and cut the other end.

Flip pattern piece over and pin to other end

The end looked like this after cutting.
The end looked like this after cutting.

When it came time to sew the side strip to the cushions, I used a ¼” seam allowance which when the cushion was turned right side out left ¼” of the white showing; giving the cushions that faux piping effect.

Close up of faux piping

In my next post on recovering lawn chair cushions, I’ll have photos of how I sewed the finished back and seat cushions together to make them into a complete lawn chair cushion.   Hint:  It required two people.


Updated to add:

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