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Snow Storm Linzer Cookies

Snow Storm Linzer Cookies

The first time I made these Snow Storm Linzer Cookies was for Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago as part of A Hexie Turtle Valentine story.

I started with a recipe for Linzer Cookies found on the Canadian Living website. However, I needed to make some changes based on what I had on hand. Ground almonds were substituted for hazelnuts and the lemon peel called for in the original recipe was omitted.

The cookies turned out great even with the substitutions/omissions!

The cookies themselves have a nice light, not too sweet taste and with that hint of raspberry filling and dusting of icing sugar, they are delicious and elegant enough to grace any dessert tray.

It’s ironic that when we were making them for Valentine’s that year we were in the middle of a snow storm, hence the name Snow Storm Linzer Cookies and we’re once again having a series of snow storms move through.

If you’ve arrived after reading the Hexie Turtle story, you’ll already know how to make them and will be looking for the recipe. Please scroll down to get that.

But on the chance that you’ve arrived from Pinterest or some other site, I’ve listed the directions along with the ingredients at the bottom of the post.

Once you’ve got the recipe, I’m sure the little ones in your life would love to have you read them the story of how the Hexie Turtles get ready for Valentine’s Day.

No matter how you arrived here, I thought it would be such fun if I invited you in for a tea party. 

When Dave was in the army, I hosted a lot of tea parties and I must admit that it’s something I miss doing!

The day before the party, I’ll bake the tops and bottoms of the cookies and allow them to cool.

Then the tops of the Linzer Cookies will be sprinkled with a layer of icing sugar so they look like they’ve been covered in snow.

Photo of icing sugar being shaken on to the top of the Snow Storm Linzer Cookies

Then the bottoms will be spread with raspberry jam.

Photo of jam being spread on the bottom of the Snow Storm Linzer CookieNext the tops will be placed on the bottoms.

Now we all know that cookies don’t always cook evenly and sometime they’ll turn out a little lopsided so I’ll try to match up the tops and bottoms so that they fit together perfectly.

Photo of the icing sugar dusted top being placed on the raspberry spread bottom of the Snow Storm Linzer cookie

This recipe makes about 24 finished cookies so if all of you who’ve been invited decide to come, I’m going to be making a lot of cookies!

Photo of Snow Storm Linzer Cookies on a cookie rackI love how the red raspberry jam showing through the heart cut-out looks like stained glass.

A single Snow Storm Linzer Cookie with the red center looking like stained glass

On the day of the tea party, I’ll bustle around straightening the house and getting it ready for company.

Once you and the other guests start to arrive, I’ll show everyone into the living room where I’ve set things up for our tea party.

As it’s a special occasion, I’ve gotten out the beautiful tea set, made in England, that Dave bought for me when we were posted to Lahr, Germany in the mid 1980s.

When we were posted there, I had hoped to have the chance to visit England as that’s where my maternal Grandfather and paternal Grandmother were born but it wasn’t meant to be so this set is a souvenir from a place I never got to see.

Photo of the party table with pink and white tea set of tea pot, tea cups and saucers and white plate with Snow Storm Linzer Cookies

Overhead shot of Snow Storm Linzer Cookie Tea Party

Please allow me to pour you a cup of tea and help yourself to a cookie (or two.)

Cup of Herbal Tea on a Saucer with a Snow Storm Linzer Cookie and gold teaspoonAfter everyone has their own cup of tea and cookies and has found a seat, I’ll pour one for myself.
Photo of a cup of tea with gold spoon and a Snow Storm Linzer Cookie with the tea table in the background

Now we can all have a nice visit!

Then before you leave, I’ll give you and each guest a hand written recipe card for the Snow Storm Linzer Cookies so you can make some for your family and friends.

Photo of Hand Written Recipe card for Snow Storm Linzer Cookies

I’m so glad you could come share a cup of tea, some cookies and a nice get to know each other chat!


Since this is just a virtual tea party, here’s the full recipe and directions for you. 🙂

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For the cookie dough you will need:

  • 2 cups (500 mL) all-purpose flour
  • 1-1/2 cups (375 mL) ground almonds
  • 1 tsp (5 mL) baking powder
  • 1-1/2 tsp (7 mL) cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp (1 mL) ground cloves
  • 1/4 tsp (1 mL) salt
  • 1-1/4 cups (300 mL) unsalted butter, softened
  • 3/4 cup (175 mL) granulated sugar
  • 1 egg & 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tsp (5 mL) vanilla

For the filling:

1 cup (250 mL) raspberry jam

Icing sugar for sprinkling on cookie tops


Cream the butter and sugar together with the mixer set to medium until light and fluffy. Add egg and egg yolk and vanilla. Beat until combined.

Add spices, salt and baking powder to the flour. Stir to mix. Add the almonds. Stir to combine.

Add half the dry ingredients to the butter mixture and stir. Add second half and stir until everything is thoroughly combined. (Sometimes the easiest way to do this is just get your hands in there and mix.)

The dough will be quite sticky.

Divide the dough in half. Place on a piece of plastic wrap and gently pat into a disc that is about 1″ (2.5cm) thick. Cover with plastic wrap. Repeat with other half of dough. Chill for at least 2 hrs.

Once dough is completely chilled, preheat your oven to 350ºF (180ºC.)

Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface until it’s about 1/4″ (5mm) thick.

This can be easily achieved by placing a chopstick on either side of the dough and then continue to roll until the rolling pin rests on the chopsticks.

Cut out using a Linzer cookie cutter set.(<<affiliate link)

I bought this set with a coupon at Joanne’s. You can also get one from Amazon by clicking on the link above.

Photo of a Wilton Linzer Cookie Cutter Kit sitting on a kitchen counter with the brown tiles backsplash in the background

I store my set in the packaging they came in so that I don’t lose any of the pieces.

This set comes with the round cutter fluted cutter with 6 interchangeable center cutting shapes.

Linzer Cookie Cutter Kit showing interchangeable center cutting shapes laying on a kitchen counter

Or use a round cookie cutter to cut the tops and bottoms and then use a smaller cookie cutter to cut the center shape in the tops.

Cut out six bottoms, then six tops. Repeat until all the dough has been used. (By cutting them out in sixes, you’re more likely to end up with the same number of tops and bottoms.)

Bake in the oven for 10 to 12 minutes or until lightly golden brown around the edges.

Remove from the oven and cool for 5 to 10 minutes before moving the cookies to racks to finish cooling.

Once completely cooled… sprinkle the tops with icing sugar.

Spread the bottoms with raspberry jam and add the tops.


This recipe makes approximately twenty-four 2 inch cookies after they’ve been sandwiched together.


Linzer Cookies will keep up to 3 days (or 2 weeks in the fridge) if layered between waxed paper in an airtight container.






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Collage photo of Snow Storm Linzer Cookies on a cookie rack and of the tea party



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  • Leanna
    February 24, 2018 1:12 am

    I have made these cookies and nohm nohm nohm, so good. Pinning cuz I love them.

  • Erlene
    February 18, 2018 6:09 pm

    These cookies are so pretty! Your tea parties must be so fun and how nice to send your guests home with a special recipe. Thanks for sharing on MM. Pinned.

  • mary
    February 12, 2018 11:09 am

    Those are our “family favorite” cookie for Valentine’s Day. I have always used ground pecans instead of almonds so think I may have to try the almonds this year. Your table setting looks gorgeous! I love the tea set.

    • Super Mom No Cape
      February 12, 2018 7:16 pm

      Let me know how you like them with the almonds instead of pecans please, Mary.

      I may just have to try them with ground pecans too to see how that would change the taste. I love experimenting with recipes. 🙂

  • Rachel
    February 11, 2018 11:52 pm

    What a lovely teaservice, and a beautiful virtual tea party. I’m about to have a cuppa in your honour!

    • Super Mom No Cape
      February 12, 2018 7:14 pm

      What a sweet compliment and comment, Rachel. Thank you!

      I’ll think of you as I’m having tea as well. 🙂

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