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Start Collecting Sea Shells – 20 Sea Shell Crafts for Kids

Are your kids on school break? Or is one coming up soon?

When ours kids were little and school breaks rolled around I can remember desperately trying to come up with ideas to keep them occupied with fun activities.

Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to escape to a beach destination? If so… one fun activity that will keep them busy not only while on vacation but also once you come home is to send the children off in search of sea shells like the ones pictured below.

Tell them they are hunting for sea shell treasure!

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Below I share __ sea shell crafts that will turn those beachy treasures into fun learning activities and gifts they can give to friends and relatives.

Not heading to the beach? You can order bags of sea shells and have them ready for creative play days.

Photo of sea shells for making Sea Shell Angels


First up… in this post, I show you How to Make a Sea Shell Angel. After all… it’s never too soon to start filling that Christmas gift box.

With a scallop shell, they can make a glittery Mermaid Necklace.

If you end up with a rainy day while at the beach or after you return, how about Getting Creative with Sharpies and Shells.

Tropical Fish Seashells are super simply to create with craft paint, google eyes and glue.

Let them create a beachy scene using round MDF coasters, craft paint, an oyster shell and other beach finds with this Sea Shell Turtle Craft.  ,

And in this post, they’ll combine paper and shells to make Sea Shell Turtles.

Sea shells are the perfect shape for making ladybugs!

They make really cute Crab Fridge Magnets too.

Just think of the hours of imaginative play kids will have after making Puppet Creatures.

Here’s even more Sea Shell Creatures to make.

Even the littlest of your children will be able to make these stamped tea towels and napkins.What grandmother wouldn’t love to receive these for Mother’s Day or Christmas.

Growing crystals on shells is a really cool STEM activity to amaze and delight them.

Sea Shell Boats offer two activities… first when your kids make them and afterwards when they have fun sailing them.

Did you know you can dye sea shells? Rainy Day Mama shows you How to Dye Seashells with color theory science so they’re learning as they play!

If your kids are old enough to use scissor and glue (ModgePodge) they’ll have fun making Decoupage Sea Shells.


I’m not forgetting the pre-teens and teens in this sea shell crafting round up!

Pre-teens (with supervision) and teens could definitely tackle making these Candles with Embedded Shells.

Painted sea shells are another craft your pre-teen and teen might enjoy making to give to their friends.

Mermaids are all the rage right now… DIY Mermaid Earrings

And what young girl doesn’t have a collection of nail polish she could use to create these cool fashion accessories.



Collecting sea shells isn’t just for the kids!

I’ve put together a list of 20 Beautiful DIY Sea Shell Home Decor and Gift Items you can make with sea shells you collect or buy.

You love sea shells, chances are you also love all things beach, so please be sure to check out my post 10 Elegant Ways to Bring the Beach into Your Christmas Decor.



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