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Santa Sack Swap – The Gifts I Made for Debbie

Each year in the Santa Sack Swap, we are each allowed to choose if we receive a sack, a stocking or a tote. Debbie requested that I make her a tote… which was great because I enjoy creating new totes! Also in her first email, Debbie mentioned that she loves owls. So when I came across a beautiful owl while blog…

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Christmas on a Budget Series – Gifts for Less than $2 Each

That is not a typo in the title. You really can make Christmas gifts for less than $2 per gift. In some cases, for free except for the time and love you put into making them. As I mentioned in my first post in this series while our children are attending university/college, their big Christmas gift each year is their…

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Pay It Forward – Lovely Surprizes Arrived Yesterday

Every once in a long while, the mailman brings something besides bills.  Yesterday was that day. Just look at the surprizes that were inside the package he delivered. Aren’t they lovely! Several months ago, I left a comment on Katherine’s “Pay It Forward” post over on her blog Sew Me Something Good. And as if the above wasn’t more than…

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