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WIP Wednesday – Improv Quilting

I’ve been working on a fun and easy project.   A while ago I came across this fabric and knew immediately that I wanted to quilt around those circles and then make something out of it.

I needed a couple of pillows to rest our backs against when we’re sitting in the bar stools using our computers.  So I cut 19″ squares of the fabric, placed them on a larger square of batting, pinned it in a few places and started quilting.   No hand basting and I didn’t even use safety pins, just a few straight pins.

I tried going carefully around each circle but after a couple of them that seemed like too much work and not enough fun… so I switched to what I’ll call improv quilting.  I continued to sew around the circles but much less precisely than when I started and then I would loop over to the next circle and so on until I’d gone around each circle at least once.

Two pillow tops with improv quilting

Here’s a closer view of my improv quilting.

Close up of improv quilting

Fun and loose and oh so easy to do.  I completed both of the pillow fronts in a little over an hour.

Now I just need to make the pillow backs and sew them to the fronts.



  • Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios
    September 24, 2014 12:49 pm

    I love your idea of using the fabric design as the basis for the quilting pattern like that. Looks great!

  • Diane
    September 24, 2014 6:54 pm

    I too did a Monkey quilt for my son where I traced around each circle and it was quite an effort. I like your connecting lines. It reminds of those illustrations when the astronauts visited the moon and you would see diagrams of their flight path from earth.

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