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A Lovely Year of Finishes – March Goal

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on March 3rd, 2015

March is going to be a very busy sewing and quilting month for me as I work away on my secret Tree Bird Blog Hop project. I can’t show you the actual bird fabric that I ended up choosing but I can give you a sneak peek at the other fabrics that I’m using in the project.

Fabrics for the Tree Bird Blog Hop project

Aren’t those luscious!  Truthfully that photo doesn’t even do them justice.

The one on the left is one that my new favorite quilt shop The Marsh Store just got in. It’s from a new line of blenders… Harlequin Design #15042 by Debra Lunn and Micheal Mrowka for Robert Kaufman. And while you’ll have to take my word for it… this fabric looks like it was made specifically for my bird fabric, that’s how closely the colors match even though they are from completely different lines and companies.

The black with gold dots is Times Treasures Metallic Pin Dots #CM9528.  When I showed one of the ladies at The Marsh the main fabric I am working with and asked if they had any black fabric with gold dots she knew just what I was looking for. Unfortunately when we checked they were all out. So I wondered around the shop trying to see if I could come up with another fabric that would work with what I had in mind. However, in the meantime, unbeknownst to me, she had gone to the back of the shop and searched through all of their fat quarters until she came up with the very last 3 fat quarters they had of that fabric. I’ve got my fingers crossed that ¾ of a yard will be enough.

Now you see why they are my new favorite quilt shop. They go out of their way to help you find just the fabric that you want.

That beautiful red is LB Basic Glitter by Laurel Burch for Clothworks. I managed to find that on sale at a great price from carmenjass on etsy.

This is a fairly large project that I’m going to be working on for the Tree Bird Blog Hop and it needs to be completed by the 18th so I have time to photograph it and get a post ready for my day on the 19th.

That’s why for my March goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes I’ve chosen something that I’ll be able to finish between the 19th and 31st of the month.

Chefs cooking placemats ready to quilt

That set of four placemats is hand-basted. They just need to be quilted and bound.

Once again, I’ll be using them to practice free motion quilting. I would like to try a new design but I haven’t decided what might work best for that Chefs cooking fabric and my beginner fmqing abilities. Any suggestions would be most welcome!


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Vintage Embroidery Monday – Tulips Section 1b

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on March 2nd, 2015

As I mentioned last week, in the hopes of hurrying spring along I’m posting the Workbasket pattern for a Tulip Luncheon Cloth.  Today I’m sharing Section 1b of that pattern.

Workbasket pattern page 79 - Large Tulip 1b

This pattern is available as a pdf here.

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Removing and Reinstalling Vintage Singer in Its Cabinet

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on February 28th, 2015

After I purchased my Singer 15-91 and started posting about the beautiful Art Deco cabinet we found that Dave then completely refinished for me, I started having people arrive at my blog after searching on how to remove a sewing machine from its cabinet.   I hated to see them go away not having found what they were looking for so in February 2012, I created a step-by-step photo post on how to do that.

As I mentioned in this post, Dave and I have been experimenting with producing how-to videos.   One of the ones we have recently been discussing filming was a video version of the how to remove/reinstall a vintage machine.  Then Thursday evening I received an e-mail from a lady named Debbie saying that she had just purchased a sewing machine similar to mine and could I provide her with some photos or advice on how to install it in a cabinet.  Her e-mail gave Dave and I the nudge we needed to make that video.

Many, many takes later along with the required removing and reinstalling of the machine each time plus a hour or so cutting and editing, it’s ready for viewing:


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Paper Pinwheel Lap Quilt and Bed Runner Finished!

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on February 27th, 2015

I got a lot of TV watching done while I was hand sewing the binding to the back of the Paper Pinwheel Lap Quilt and Bed Runner. Monday night we watched the entire first season of Broadchurch. We hadn’t intended to watch all eight episodes but the writers of the first season were masters of the cliff hanger ending!

And then Tuesday afternoon, I watched a wonderfully, funny movie called The Magic of Belle Isle. It’s the uplifting story of an author who has lost his desire/ability to write and the family who inspires him to begin again. If you get the chance watch it, I highly recommend it.

It was sunny enough Tuesday morning for photo taking but by the time I got to that last stitch in the afternoon, it had clouded over and another snowstorm rolled in. Thankfully, yesterday the sun shone bright… cold but not cold enough to keep us from taking photos.

Paper Pinwheel Lap Quilt and Matching Bed Runner

I started out by stitching in the ditch, outlining each of the pinwheels and also around the outside of each block.  Then I quilted the large 12″ floral blocks with the hearts and loops free motion quilting that I practiced while quilting the last of the hen and rooster placemats.

Heats and Loops Quilting on the large blocks

The quilting shows up better in this photo of the back taken before we ventured outside.

Back of Hearts and Loops free motion quilting

Next I fmqed a spiral in the middle of each of the pinwheel blocks to make it look like the pinwheel was spinning.

Sprial Quilting on the Paper Pinwheel blocks

Again the quilting shows up better in a photo of the back.

Back of Paper Pinwheel block with the spiral quilting

A photo of the lap quilt on it’s own…

Paper Pinwheel quilt on snow bank.

And one of the bed runner by itself…

Paper Pinwheel Bed Runner

When I was working on these two quilts, I wasn’t sure they’d turn out nice enough to donate as I planned to do.  And they are by no means perfect but once I got the binding on, it seemed like I could finally see the quilts as a whole rather than their imperfections.  I hope that whoever receives them feels the same.

Here’s one final photo…

Paper Pinwheel Bed Runner and Lap Quilt

The Paper Pinwheel Lap Quilt and Bed Runner were my ALYofF goal for February. They are also two more projects checked off my 2015 Finish Along Q1 Goals. All that’s left of that list to finish are another set of 4 placemats and several completed embroideries that need to be turned into something.

Now that may sound doable but I’ve also got a secret project on the go for the Tree Bird Blog Hop that runs from March 13 to 23. My day is the nineteenth. It’s a good thing March has three more days than February. I’m going to need them!


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A Sweet Win

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on February 25th, 2015

During the Grow Your Blog Event, several other blogs (in addition to mine) held giveaways and I was lucky enough to win one of them.  My prize from Chantal, whose blog is called At the corner of Scrap and Quilts, arrived in this afternoon’s mail.

Red Music Fat Quarter & Butterly Pin

The prize was a fat quarter of pretty music note fabric.  The sweet butterfly pin was a lovely little added surprise!  I’m going to wear it on my winter jacket to remind me that even though it snowed again last night, spring can’t be too far away.

Thank you so much Chantal!

If you click on the link to her blog and scroll down a bit, you’ll see a post showing how she made the butterfly pin.  In that same post, she shared a photo of the rocking footstool she made that has eliminated her middle of the night leg cramps.  You can read her explanation about the footstool on her blog here.  I’m going to ask Dave to build me one!

Oh and look what I found in my fabric dresser that will go perfectly with that fat quarter:

Red, black and white music fabric

Now I just need to decide what to make with them.


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Vintage Embroidery Monday – Tulips Section 1a

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on February 23rd, 2015

I’m sure that almost everyone in the upper part of the Northern Hemisphere is more than ready for winter to be over and to make the transition into the warmer temperatures of spring.  So in the hopes of helping that along, for the next five weeks, I’m going to be posting a pattern for Tulips that the Workbasket pattern page says is designed to be embroidered onto a 36″ square Luncheon Cloth.  The pattern is way too large to fit on single sheet of printer paper so when Dave was tracing them, he divided the pattern onto 5 pages.

Then in the sixth week, I’ll post the small Tulip pattern that is intended to be embroidered to make matching napkins.

Workbasket Pattern Page 79 - Large Tulip Section 1a

The pattern is available as a pdf here.


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Eat Good, Laugh Often, Live Well!

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on February 20th, 2015

Quilting the Paper Pinwheel quilts is coming along nicely after the free motion quilting practice I did on the placemats. By Wednesday night I had the four 12” blocks on the lap quilt finished before I ran out of thread. A quick trip to the fabric store fixed that but not my sore, aching shoulders.

You see, I’m still learning to relax my shoulders while FMQing. After several hours, I need to take a break and do other things. Late Wednesday evening, I switched to making and attaching the binding on the roosters and hens placemats. Then I spent yesterday hand sewing it to the back of each of them.

As much as possible I’ve been trying to sew from what I have on hand. The binding for the placemats came from fabric I had leftover from making this round tablecloth. (Just as a side note, that tablecloth is one of my most popular and pinned tutorials.)

Hens and roosters placemat

The title of this post came from one of the sayings written on the placemats. It’s a little hard to see but the sayings are: “There is no replacement for good taste. Eat good, laugh often, live well. Spice a dish with love, pleases every palate.”

Two of the placemats were quilted in loop de loops, one in a meander and the one pictured above was done in loops and hearts. Here’s a closer look at that one:

loops and hearts quilting

It’s so nice to have fun new placemats for the table as well as another finish to add to my 2015 Finish Along Q1 Goals.

roosters and hens placemats

After they’ve been washed a few times, it won’t be as noticeable that the quilting (especially on the first two) could stand improvement.  By the time I’m done the paper pinwheel quilts and another set of placemats, I hope to feel ready to tackle some FMQing on the bigger quilt tops that are waiting their turn to be finished.

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Happy Chinese New Year & WIP Wednesday

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on February 18th, 2015

I woke up to this text message from our oldest daughter who is teaching in Shanghai:

Xin nian kuai le! Gong xi fa cai!  Happy Chinese New Year!

So I’m passing those wishes on to all of you.   Let’s hope that The Year of the Wooden Goat is as prosperous for us all as it is predicted to be!


For the past couple of days I’ve been practicing free motion quilting on some of the placemats that are part of my 2015 Finish Along Q1 goal.   Before starting the fmqing on my paper pinwheel quilts I had done a bit of practice quilting on a small quilt sandwich, but after spending four evenings unpicking a section of fmqing on the actual quilt, I decided that I needed more practice.

FMQ on rooster placemats

The one pictured on the left was half quilted so I finished quilting that in the meander that I had started before everything went into storage.  The one that is shown being quilted I did in the loops and hearts that I wanted to use on the paper pinwheel quilts.

Now all four rooster placemats are quilted, trimmed and ready to have the binding attached.

rooster placemats ready for binding

In addition to quilting and binding, I’m also baking today.  First thing this morning I got bread dough made.  It’s now on it’s second rise and ready to go in the oven as soon as the Honey Oatmeal Bars are finished baking.  (I’ll be posting the recipe for the Oatmeal Bars soon.)

bread risen and ready to go in the oven

The four larger loaves are for Dave and the smaller one is for a friend of our son’s who has been feeling a bit down lately.  Dave and I are making up a little care package of baked goods for our son to take to him in the hopes it will lift his spirits.


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Vintage Embroidery Monday – DOW Saturday Clock

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on February 16th, 2015

Today we’ve come to the last of the Colonial Kitchen Set Days of the Week patterns.   As I sit here, I’m imagining the quiet of a house pre-electricity sitting quietly having a cup of tea and the only sound being the tick tock, tick tock of the kitchen clock.

Perhaps also Saturday was the day of the week when the clock would need to be wound in order to keep on ticking.

Vintage DOW Saturday and ClockThis pattern is available as a pdf to download here.

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Winner of the Grow Your Blog Giveaway

Posted by Super Mom No Cape on February 15th, 2015

Before I announce the winner of the Grow Your Blog Giveaway, I would first like to thank everyone who visited during the event and took the time to leave a comment.  As well, I would like to thank all those who chose to follow either by subscribing through e-mail, bloglovin, feedly or some other means.

Thanks also goes out to Vicki from 2 Bags Full (and all her volunteers) for hosting this wonderful event.  I found so many new-to-me blogs to follow and enjoy.

There is one last group of people I would like to take this opportunity to thank.  And those are all the readers who have been following over the past months and many cases years.  It is because of your support through visits, comments and e-mail that have encouraged me to keep blogging even through some pretty tough times.  Many days it would be a comment that someone made that would lift my spirits at just the moment when they most needed a lift… especially during the past three years.

And now to announce the winner… all the names went into a jar, the slips of paper were given a good stir and then Dave chose a winner…

Winner of Grow Your Blog Giveaway

Congratulations Shauna!  I’ve sent an e-mail requesting your snail mail address so that I can get your prize in the mail to you on Tuesday.  (Tomorrow is Family Day here in Canada so all the post offices will be closed.)


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