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How to Recover Lawn Chair Cushions

Learn how to recover lawn chair cushions to give them new life at a fraction of the cost of buying new ones. The step-by-step instructions provided in this tutorial will show you how I went about recovering mine with new fabric while reusing the inside foam and batting and recovering the buttons.  Also included is an easy faux-piping technique will…

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How to Join Strips of Striped Fabric

While searching through and organizing my computer photo files, I came across pictures I had taken while joining the striped borders for the flying zebra baby and child-sized quilts.  At the time, I thought maybe others might like to see how I went about sewing the strips of border fabric together on the diagonal while at the same time matching…

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How to Remove a Vintage Singer Sewing Machine from Its Cabinet

While browsing through the search words or phrases that have brought people to my blog, I noticed a few were searching for how to remove a vintage Singer sewing machine from it’s cabinet so I thought a quick picture post was in order. We’ll be demonstrating with my vintage Singer 15-91 that lives in the Art Deco sewing machine cabinet…

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