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How to Join Strips of Striped Fabric

While searching through and organizing my computer photo files, I came across pictures I had taken while joining the striped borders for the flying zebra baby and child-sized quilts.  At the time, I thought maybe others would like to see how I went about sewing the strips of border fabric together on the diagonal while at the same time matching up the stripes, so this is rather long overdue catch up post.

I realize that I could have simply sewn the strips together by placing the strips right sides together and stitching across the end but I prefer the way the diagonal seam makes the seam almost disappear.

And there may be other methods out there for matching up striped fabric, but this is the method I use.

First, I place one strip of border fabric right side down on the ironing board.

Place striped fabric right side down on ironing board

Then I fold the upper right corner down to form a point, making sure that the two raw edges of fabric meet as pictured below.

fold down corner

Press well.

Press well

Next, with wrong side of the folded and pressed strip to the right side of a second strip of border fabric, I carefully line up the stripes.

Line up stripes

Line up stripes 2

Open up the folded strip and pin to the second strip as shown.

Carefully open and pin in place

Fold the top strip back to make sure that it didn’t shift during the pinning process.

Fold back to make it hasn't shifted

Add more pins if you wish.

Sew along the pressed crease line to join the strips together.

Sew along pressed crease

Trim seam allowance.

Trim seam allowance

Press seam open.

Press seam allowance open

Turn the strip over and press again from the right side.

As you can see the seam is almost invisible.
As you can see the seam is almost invisible.

You’re now ready to join more strips, depending on how long you need to make your quilt border.

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