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Little Trick to Using Wonder Under Fusible Web

I mentioned last week in this post that I had trouble getting the paper backing of the Wonder Under fusible web (<-affiliate link) to peel off the fabric. It was super frustrating as I followed the directions exactly as explained on the instruction sheet that came with the fusible web.

I had more than a few appliqué pieces (big and small) that looked like this:

Frayed and distorted applique piece

Last summer when I made my travel laundry bags, I used Thermoweb Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive-17″X36” (<affiliate link) to fuse the letters in place and I had no trouble at all getting the paper backing to release.

After a quick internet search, I discovered that this is a common complaint when using Wonder Under fusible web.

Thankfully, there is a trick to getting that paper backing to peel off.

First, trace your design on the smooth side of the Wonder Under and iron it onto the wrong side of your fabric.

Fuse traced pattern onto the wrong side of the fabric.

I had to increase the amount of time I left the iron on the fabric. In fact, I found that it worked best when I doubled the recommended time. You may want to experiment using scraps to find out the amount of time that works best with your fabric and your iron.

Make sure to allow the appliqué piece to cool completely.

Next, cut out your design along the traced lines.

Cut out the fused shape.

With a sharp pin, score the paper backing in the center of your design.

Score the backing paper with a sharp pin.

Starting in the center, peel the backing off.

Starting in the center, peel the paper off.

Star with paper completely peeled off

Next place the appliqué piece in the position you want it, with the fusible side down and the right side of the fabric facing up, iron in place.

Iron applique onto right side of fabric

If you look closely you can see that after ironing the star in place on the ornament, there were still a couple of points that hadn’t fused properly, so I had to iron it again.

I bought a meter of the Wonder Under as it came so highly recommended, but once I’ve used up what I’ve got, I’ll be switching back to using Thermoweb Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive (<affiliate link)-17″X36″
for any future appliqué projects.

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