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Travel Laundry Bag Part 2 – How to Add the Letters

Please note:  For the basic construction of the travel laundry bag see my previous post.

Materials needed to add letters to the laundry bag:

Scraps of leftover fabric

Heat N Bond Ultra Hold(<affiliate link)

Print out the letters for the word “laundry” (or whatever word you’d like on the laundry bag.)   I used the lower case bubble letters found here.

You will need to reverse the letters.  To do this, flip the printed page over and trace the outline of the letter on the other side of the paper.

I used the light box Dave made for me but you could also hold the page up against a window.

Next trace the reversed letters onto the smooth side of the Heat N Bond. (<affilitate link)

For the laundry bags with the blue lettering and the red lettering, I cut the word out of the iron-on adhesive like this.

For the laundry bags where I alternated between light and dark green letters, I fused individual letters onto the appropriately colored fabric.

Following the package directions, fuse the letters onto the wrong side of the fabric you are using for the lettering.

Allow the fused fabric to cool completely.

Cut out the letters.

Remove the paper backing.

Arrange the letters on the laundry bag.

For my laundry bags, I placed the “l” 2 inches from the edge of the fabric between 4 and 5 inches from the top and the “y” 2 inches from the edge approximately 3 inches up from the bottom and then used a tape measure as a guide for where to place the other letters as pictured above.    You can be as precise or creative as you like in the placement and spacing of your letters.

The letters are difficult to pin through so I temporarily held them in place with a piece of a masking tape.

Transfer the laundry bag to the ironing board. 

Carefully remove the masking tape.  Set the iron to the temperature recommended on the package and fuse the letters in place.

Finally, zigzag around each letter to hold them in place permanently.

Here are my four laundry bags; letters fused and ready to sew together.

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  • Lorrie
    September 4, 2012 8:29 pm

    This is so much prettier than a plain plastic bag, which is what I sometimes resort to.

    Great tutorial – love the letters marching down the bag.

  • Cheryl (Grandma Coco)
    September 1, 2012 6:01 pm

    What a cool light box Dave made for you!! I had to go back to see how he did it. Genius!!

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