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Removing and Reinstalling Vintage Singer in Its Cabinet

After I purchased my Singer 15-91 and started posting about the beautiful Art Deco cabinet we found that Dave then completely refinished for me, I started having people arrive at my blog after searching on how to remove a sewing machine from its cabinet.   I hated to see them go away not having found what they were looking for so in February 2012, I created a step-by-step photo post on how to do that.

As I mentioned in this post, Dave and I have been experimenting with producing how-to videos.   One of the ones we have recently been discussing filming was a video version of the how to remove/reinstall a vintage machine.  Then Thursday evening I received an e-mail from a lady named Debbie saying that she had just purchased a sewing machine similar to mine and could I provide her with some photos or advice on how to install it in a cabinet.  Her e-mail gave Dave and I the nudge we needed to make that video.

Many, many takes later along with the required removing and reinstalling of the machine each time plus a hour or so cutting and editing, it’s ready for viewing:



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  • Annie
    October 8, 2015 3:34 pm

    I’ve been so slow to look hard for a cabinet for my beloved 15-91 because of feeling intimidated about installing it. What do I need? Will I find what I need? Will it work? blah blah, such a sissy!

    Thank you soooo much, Dave and SuperMom, this was really needed here.

    I hope all your work on this video will encourage you to continue. May I add, that you met the 5 ‘c’s of Navy messages: clear, concise, complete, correct, and I haven’t been able to remember the 5th since discharge.

    Thanks again, and keep it up.

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