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Saturday Finishes for Freezer Cooking Days

WOW, what a long day it’s been!  It was 1 am before I had everything in the freezer, the dishes done and the kitchen cleaned.   Thank goodness for a wonderful teenage son who came to the rescue by drying dishes while I washed.

The bread took much longer to rise today that it usually does and that threw my schedule out of whack, but here they are late this afternoon waiting to cool enough to be put into bags.

five 1.5 lb loaves

Four made it into the freezer, the fifth is sliced and ready to use tomorrow.

A late finish on the bread made for a late start on the lasagna and lasagna roll-ups.  But it sure does feel good to have completed what I set out to do, despite the long day.

In fact, I ended up with four more meals than I’d planned.  The lasagna and lasagna roll ups didn’t take all the sauce that I’d made.  So I filled a container with some of the leftover sauce to be used with spaghetti or some other kind of pasta.  The rest of the leftover sauce was turned into chili by adding a can of kidney beans, a package of frozen diced red and yellow peppers and a bag of cooked rice I had in the freezer.  That gave me three additional meals.

It really does pay to have a well stocked pantry so that you can make last minute adjustments when cooking.

Saturday Cook Ahead Results

The final tally:

2 servings of lasagna for a very late supper this evening

6 servings of lasagna leftover for lunches/snacks tomorrow (my family rivals Garfield in their love of lasagna)

2 containers of lasagna for the freezer

2 containers with 4 lasagna roll ups

1 container with 6 lasagna roll ups

1 container with 2 lasagna roll ups

1 container of  6 vegetarian roll ups

2 containers of chili

1 container of meat sauce

1 “TV dinner” of chili and leftover mashed potatoes

2 ziplock bags of broken cooked lasagna noodles cut up for adding to soups

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