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Some Practical Thrift Store Finds and One Treasure

When our son moved into his first apartment back at the beginning of December 2012, he had all the basics for his kitchen. Since we’ve been staying with him, I’ve been doing some thrifting and adding a few pieces here and there.

Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Vintage Thrift Store Finds

The white and green casserole dish match his white dishes and he has accents of just that green throughout the main living area of his apartment.  The glass loaf pan and cake pan are good versatile pieces that can be used for baking but also for roasting.   And the white tea pot again matches his dishes.

These are already being put to good use and I’ll continue looking for other practical things to add while we’re staying with him.

Now you may have noticed that I didn’t list the bear shaped glass jar in with my purchases for our son’s kitchen. That’s because I’m keeping it!

Vintage Kraft Peanut Butter Jar circa 1988

I spied that cutie at Value Village tucked way back on the shelf behind a bunch of canning and other assorted jars and I knew right away I’d found a treasure.

It’s a vintage Kraft Peanut Butter Jar from 1988.

How can I date it with such accuracy? The label on the lid is in almost new condition.

Lid of Vintage Glass Kraft Peanut Butter jar showing best before date

That best before date lets me know that this jar would have been on store shelves and bought sometime in 1988.

Now there’s more than just the vintage cute factor that made this a treasure to be snatched up.

When our kids were growing up, the only kind of peanut butter they would eat was Kraft Peanut Butter.  It had to be the smooth kind, not the chunky.  And if I tried buying any other brand it was soundly rejected.

When we moved to Maui, I would have my mother mail a big jar of Kraft Peanut Butter every few months. And then once we moved to the mainland, we would stock up each time we came back to Canada to have our visas renewed.

Once we’re settled into our own home again, I intend to repurpose it as a cookie jar.

So the jar will still be used for peanut butter, of a sort, as Dave’s favourite cookies after Chocolate Chip are Peanut Butter Cookies.



  • Nancy D
    June 20, 2013 3:17 pm

    Ours from then is a bank for spare change. When full, there’s about $150 in there. It is full around the time of the CreativFestival — just sayin’

  • Wendy B
    June 20, 2013 6:30 pm

    Oh I hear you sister……smooth it was in our family too and if we dared try crunchy…it sat in the cupboard until it went rancid!!!! LOL Love that jar……which reminds me, I think I have one lurking somewhere!!!! Great finds for your son…mine is setting up home next year….I’ll be on the lookout too! :O) sugary hugs

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