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These Things Belong Together

Back at the end of August, when I showed you the four paper-pieced coffee mugs that I’d made, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make a fourth matching mug or just leave the set as it was.  But when it came time to turn the coffee mugs into coasters, I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with the finished product if I didn’t make another coaster to replace the odd man out one.

I didn’t want to fiddle with quilting and binding these, so I simply sewed them right sides together with a piece of batting on the bottom, left an opening for turning, trimmed the corners and then turned them right side out and stitched the opening closed.

I’m pleased with how they turned out.

Now that odd man out block didn’t go to waste.  I turned it into a mug rug using scraps leftover from other projects.

I’m not as pleased with how this one turned out.  But it will work for its intended purpose of keeping heat rings off the furniture.

And further in my efforts to use up all the fabric I’ve collected over the past 10 months, I made this one hour table runner from some of the leftover fabric from my 4th of July Picnic Quilt (which still needs to be turned into a quilt.)

Normally on a one hour table runner, the pointed ends have the backing fabric showing but when I did it that way, the blue feature fabric and red border fabric showed through the white and so I unsewed it and sewed the ends together the opposite way.  I actually really like how that looks.


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