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Old Fashioned One Room School House Embroidery Pattern

Old Fashioned One Room School House Embroidery Pattern

This old fashioned one room school house embroidery pattern reminds me of the one from Little House on the Prairie.

Come to think of it, the little school girl embroidery pattern from the previous week looks a little bit like Laura Ingalls.

And since Laura didn’t have a little brother, we can maybe imagine the little boy from the week before as being Almonzo (as depicted in the Little House TV series.)

Wouldn’t it be fun to stitch this school house embroidery pattern on the cover for a composition book! Or perhaps a tote bag for your child’s school library books.

Or stitch it onto linen tea towels or hand towels for teacher gifts.

And for anyone who homeschools, it could be printed out and used as a coloring sheet for a unit on pioneer days.

Old Fashioned One Room School House - Vintage Workbasket Embroidery PatternVintage Workbasket Embroidery Pattern – Vintage School House Embroidery Pattern downloadable pdf.



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