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Home Grown and Home Baked

This year, in addition to growing herbs, strawberries and tomatoes in our three little square foot gardens, I’ve been experimenting with some container gardening.

I have two large planters that sit on either side of our garage door.  I usually fill those with some kind of tall grass in the middle surrounded by flowering annuals.   This year the tall grass didn’t over winter as it has in years past and so I was left with two empty containers.

Then back in May, I had two little volunteer tomato plants come up in the square foot gardens after we added our compost.  They were quite a bit smaller than the tomato transplants I’d purchased so I dug up the little volunteers and transplanted them into those large planters out front.  I had a partial package of mixed lettuce seeds left from last year, so I scattered those around the tomato plants.

A few weeks later and this is what they look like.

If you look closely, there's a small bunch of baby tomatoes growing behind the trellis.
If you look closely, there’s a small bunch of baby tomatoes growing behind the trellis.

The one pictured is some variety of slicing tomato.  The one on the opposite side of the garage is definitely a Roma of some kind.  I think they’re every bit as pretty and certainly more interesting and practical than the grass and flowers of previous years.

And this is lunch today; mixed leaf lettuce between two slices of homemade oatmeal bread.

Lettuce Sandwich

Now I can’t wait until the tomatoes have grown big and ripe so I can make toasted tomato sandwiches.

There’s nothing better than home grown and home baked.

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  • Sandra :)
    July 4, 2011 10:23 pm

    Toasted tomato sandwiches with tomatoes fresh from the garden – YUM!!! I’ve never had oatmeal bread before – it looks pretty good! I love the King Arthur Flour site – I’ve visited them for a while now – I make their No Fuss Focaccia quite a bit 😀

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