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How to Make the Best Use of Your Oven

One way to keep energy costs down is to make the most of your oven each time you use it.  For example, I rarely bake just one loaf of bread.  Five loaves will fit on my oven racks and so that’s how many I bake at a time.

Another way to make the most efficient use of the heat in your oven is to bake/cook more than one dish at a time.  Two nights ago, we were having turkey sausages and sauerkraut for supper.  I also made an apple crisp for dessert and then to fill up the rest of the oven rack, we added eight large baking potatoes.

Full Oven

The potatoes will be used throughout the week.  Last night, I sliced them and fried them with onions in a little butter and olive oil and sprinkled with homemade ranch dressing mix.  Later this week, my husband will turn some into twice baked potatoes.  Another night we might just reheat them, but whichever dishes they get turned into, it’s great to have them in the fridge as a starting point.

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