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Puppets Are Great Imaginative Play Toys

When our youngest was little he loved to put on puppet shows.   The couch was his puppet theatre of choice.  He’d hide behind it and then up, over the back would pop his two bear puppets and the show would begin.

This year, my husband’s grandson is about the age our youngest was when he started putting on puppet shows.  Since we’re having a mostly homemade Christmas this year, I decided to make simple puppets and a doorway puppet theatre for him.

The puppets cost next to nothing to make.  Each one used two felt squares (32 cents each at WalMart) plus some felt scraps and bit of black embroidery floss to make the faces.   The inspiration for them came from this site.

But the patterns printed out way too small for hand puppets so I started from scratch and created a basic outline and then adjusted it for each individual puppet.   I also made changes to the cat’s face and slight changes to the bear and frog.  They turned out cuter than I dared to hope.


For the doorway theatre, I repurposed one panel from a set of curtains I had stored away from when our son’s room had a space theme.  The dark blue fabric dotted with gold stars worked perfectly.   ¾ of a yard of gold fabric (on sale 40% off) for the stage curtains, three dowels to give the theatre it’s support and a set of 3M Command wall hooks (<-affiliate link) to hang it from were the only out of pocket costs.


A few dollars, a bit of time and my husband’s grandson will open a gift on Christmas morning that will provide him and his little sister with hours of fun, imaginative play for years to come.


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