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Shopping for Two

Now that we are further into our adjustment to being empty-nesters, Dave and I have been adapting the way we grocery shop.  Some of the items we used to buy in bulk just don’t make sense anymore as they will go stale or bad before we could possibly use them up.

More and more grocery stores are recognizing that singles and couples shop differently than larger families and are offering smaller packaging which is great but that small packaging is often accompanied by higher per unit prices.

For instance, the other day Publix bakery had half loaves of bread on the shelf and I was about to pick one up because we’re finding that a whole loaf gets stale or molds before we can finish it.   And then I glanced over and noticed that the price on the whole loaf of bread was only $1 more.

Needless to say, I picked up the whole loaf of bread, but when I asked the attendant to slice the loaf, I also asked for an extra plastic bag.

Full Loaf of Rye Bread

When we got home, I divided the loaf of rye bread in half, placed it in the second plastic bag and popped it into the freezer.

Rye Loaf Divided into two

I did the same with the loaf of Italian 5 grain bread.

Italian Multigrain divided into two

If you’re single, you could repackage the loaves in thirds or whatever amount works for you.  Keep one package out and freeze the rest.



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