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The Hexie Turtles’ Christmas Adventure in Maui

The Hexie Turtles’ Christmas Adventure in Maui

Aloha Everyone!

We’re the Hexie Turtles!

I’m Lexie. I’m the oldest because Sue made me first.

Lanie is second oldest. She’s my bestest friend forever.

And Rexie is my other bff.

We’re on a really fun Christmas adventure and we wanted to tell you all about it.

It started when we had to have our pictures taken for our passports.

I got a passport.

Lexie the Hexie Turtle with her passport

Lanie got a passport.

Lanie the Hexie Turtle with her passport

And Rexie got one too.

Rexie the Hexie Turtle with his passport

We also got brand new suitcases to pack our stockings, Santa hats and nightcaps.

The Hexie Turtle's packing their suitcases

Sue said we wouldn’t need our hats, scarves and mitts or our winter boots.

Hexie Turtles with they winter hats, mitts, scarves and boots

Here we are all ready to go.

The Hexie Turtles packed and ready to go to Maui

Dave and Sue and us three turtles flew on a humongous airplane from Toronto to LA and then from LA to Maui. Those were really looooonnnnggg flights.

We thought we’d never get there!

But when we did, there was no snow on the ground and the grass was green.

The Hexie Turtles Arrive in Maui

There was also a pretty lady waiting at the Kahului airport to give us flower necklaces.

The Hexie Turtles wearing their leis

She told us they were called leis and that people in Hawaii give leis on all kinds of occasions. These ones were to welcome us to the Islands.

We thought flying was the biggest adventure ever but that was only the start of our Maui adventures.

Dave and Sue have been visiting all the places they used to go when they lived here and they’ve been taking us with them.

We’ve been to Ho’okipa. Dave told us that the waves get wayyyy bigger than this.

There was a sign that said no swimming but someone was going surfing.

No Swimming sign at Hookipa

He stayed up a long time.

First photo of surfer at Hookipa

Second photo of surfer at Hookipa

When we saw that we wanted to learn how to surf too!

Sue said that Ho’okipa was not a good place for young turtles to learn to surf but she promised us that we could learn at Kam III. That’s short for Kamaole III. It’s across the street from our condo.

First we had to have surf lessons!

We had to take turns because there were only 2 surfs boards that were turtle size.

Hexie Turtles with surf boards

Lanie and Rexie are both my BFF so I let them go first.

Lanie and Rexie on surf boards

And then it was my turn.

Lexie the Hexie Turtle on her surf board

Once we got good at staying on our boards on the beach, it was time to go out and see if we could catch a wave.

This time I got to go first.

Lexie the Hexie Turtle on her surf board in the water

I think I need more practice before I’m ready for Sue to let go of the surf board!

After our surf lessons, we made sand castles.

The Hexie Turtle's building a sand castle

When we were leaving Kam III we saw a pretty rainbow.

Rainbow over Kam III

We’ve seen lots and lots and lots of rainbows. Way more rainbows than we’ve ever seen in our entire lives.

After all that beach fun, we were all really thirsty so we bought fresh coconuts and drank the coconut water right from the coconut!

Hexie Turtles drinking coconut water from a coconut

On another day, we got to see some sea turtles!

Sea Turtle at Hookipa

Dave took this photo with the zoom on his camera. That’s why it looks so close.

Turtles are called Honu in Hawaiian.

Some people were getting too close and bothering the Honu, so this man was putting up a sign telling them to let the Honu rest.

Resting zone for Honu sign at Hookipa

And guess what… if you think our adventures were over you’d be wrong!

Yesterday we went to the Shops at Wailea because Sue said she had a special surprise.

Did you know that Santa doesn’t wear his regular Santa suit in Maui?

The Hexie Turtle visiting Santa at the Shops at Wailea

Nope… he wears a red Aloha shirt and red shorts!

We were even more surprised to see that Holly was with him. We met Holly last year when she came to visit us.

It’s a good thing we remembered to pack our Santa hats to wear.

Now, it’s Christmas Eve and we’ve hung up our stockings.

Hexie Turtles hanging their stocking on a plant

Sue let us unwrap our first gift.

It was a story called Limu the Blue Turtle and his Hawaiian Garden

The Hexie Turtles with their new book - Limu the Blue Turtle and his Hawaiian Garden

And Dave read it to us at bedtime.

Dave reading a bedtime story to the Hexie Turtles

We’ve washed our faces, brushed our teeth and put on our nightcaps.

Hexie Turtles in their nightcaps ready for bed


But before we go to bed and try really hard to go to sleep so Santa can come, we want to wish everyone: Mele Kalikimaka!That’s Hawaiian for Merry Christmas!


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The Hexie Turtles' Christmas Adventure in Maui, HI








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  • Rachel
    December 27, 2017 1:15 pm

    What a lovely Christmas adventure!

  • Joy
    December 25, 2017 6:57 pm

    What a lovely Christmas you and your gorgeous hexie turtles are having! Merry Christmas! xx

  • Mary Anne
    December 24, 2017 5:37 pm

    Definitely jealous of the Hexies right now – quite enough snow here to suit me!! Merry and blessed Christmas wishes to you all.

  • QuiltShopGal
    December 24, 2017 11:18 am

    What a fun post. Looks like you will all have a very Merry Christmas in Maui. Enjoy. Watch out for those big waves near the rocks.


  • Jenny Benton
    December 24, 2017 2:27 am

    My goodness – what an adventure for the Hexi Turtles. Don’t let them get too wet and sandy though at the beach and on those surfboards.

    Have a wonderful Christmas in Maui – we can remember our wonderful holiday there some years ago.

    Best wishes, Jenny from New Zealand

    • Super Mom No Cape
      December 24, 2017 9:54 am

      Thank you Jenny!

      We are loving our time here in Maui. It’s soooo good to be back in home of our hearts.

      And we always have a blast creating the turtle stories.

      Wishing you a very Merry Christmas with much Aloha,

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