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Taking Stock of Unfinished Sewing Projects and Fabric

For part of my growing up years, my family lived in the back and upstairs of an old style country store that my mother managed. At the end of every year there would be stocktaking that I would have to help with… counting canned goods, weighing nails and bolts, etc. Everything had to be counted.

As I look forward into 2015, there are things that I want to accomplish over the coming months, so I’m taking stock both figuratively and literally.

When we were unpacking the boxes that had been in storage for the past three years, I found several unfinished quilting projects in various stages of completion. Not to mention my fabric dresser; every one of its nine drawers filled to the brim with fabric.

Back in 2011 on the blog, I did “The Year of Getting Things Done.” Now that we’re settled into our new home, I’ve decided to bring that back for 2015. To help keep me motivated to finish up those quilts and as well as to use up that as much of that fabric as I can, I have decided to join some of the finishing link parties in addition to trying to have a finish each week to add to Finish It Up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts.

First up is A Lovely Year of Finishes jointly hosted by Fiber of All Sorts and Sew BitterSweet Designs. At the beginning of each month we are to post about one project that we intend to finish by the end of the month and then link that post to the Goals Party. Then at the end of the month, if we’ve finished that project, there’s another party to post and link to. As an added incentive there are some really cool prizes to be won!

The project that I’ve chosen as January’s goal is this children’s quilt:

Flying Zebra Quilt basted and ready to quilt

It is hand-basted and ready to quilt. With all those flying zebras, it will be a fun quilt to work on during the coldest days of winter.

I made other quilts in that same flying zebra fabric in 2011. The first was donated to Bama Bound Quilts and the second Flying Zebra children’s quilt was donated to another group.

This third one is intended to be a keeper to have on hand for when we have young children visiting.

Updated to add: Click through to see how I quilted and bound the Flying Zebra Quilt

I love it so much that it’s not hidden away waiting for a child to visit… I use it as a lap quilt.




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  • Sandy Panagos
    January 4, 2015 3:15 pm

    Very cute. It’s always fun to work on something bright!

  • Lori
    January 4, 2015 10:30 am

    That’s a really cute quilt. I notice it is hand basted – does that mean you’ll be hand quilting it as well? I look forward to seeing your finish!

  • Celtic Thistle Stitches
    January 4, 2015 4:09 am

    That looks like a great project to start off your year of finishes. I shall enjoy following your progress on your year of getting things done 🙂

  • Vickie Horsfall
    January 3, 2015 10:54 am

    What a great way to start off the new year! The fabric in this quilt is colorful and so cute. I am also ‘taking stock’ and setting a goal to finish some of my WIP projects.
    I look forward to seeing your completed projects in 2015. Enjoy you creative time!
    ~ Vickie

  • Kate
    January 3, 2015 8:24 am

    I love your children’s quilt and so pleased for you that you came across it. And a dresser full of fabric – that makes me downright envious, lol. Good luck with your goals, Sue – I’m looking forward to seeing your projects. 🙂

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